Got My New Mouse But...

Razer built a new piece of software Synapse3 hoping to replace the old Synapse2, but I can’t even export my profile from Synapse2 and load it into new Synapse3!

This is a copy paste from their FAQ:
Will my existing Synapse 2.0 profile work with Synapse 3?
Yes, but only once Razer Synapse 3 is out of beta.

Nope. Synapse 3 profiles are not compatible with Synapse 2 and there is no way to migrate them. You will have to rebuild them from scratch. Sucks… but that’s the way it is.

Before implementing new features, you should finish all those things, missing in the Synapse3 software:

  • support for legacy devices

  • import of synapse2 profiles

  • offline mode

  • faultless install/deinstall process
    and so on.

And here’s the reply I got.

Good day,

Thank you for contacting Razer Technical Support. My name is and i will assist you today on Razer Synapse. How may i address you?

I appreciate that you have take your time to submit your inquiry with us and i do understand that you are requesting to make both Razer mouse support using one version of Razer Synapse. Am i correct? Do not worry. I will give my best to answer for your question.

We have taken note of your concern. As of the moment, Synapse 3 is still in beta so it still supports fewer devices. There are compatibility issues with older devices because older devices were designed and released to work with Synapse 2. The older devices’ feature and functionality were designed based on the old software.

However, our Developer team is working hard to come up with a solution to migrate all Razer devices to Synapse 3. By the time that Synapse 3 is completed and all Razer devices are also supported in the new version, it is possible that Synapse 2 might be phased out.

We are under the impression that your concern has been addressed. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we go through this software transition. Do not worry. I will help you to send your feedback with our developer team for future consideration.

Feel free to contact us back. I’m looking forward for your reply soon and i’m here for assist you anytime.

For future reference, please take note of your case number.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead!


Razer Technical Support


- synapse 3 update

- how to transfer macrosprofiles to synapse 3

- synapse 2 profiles lost in synapse 3

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. 😑


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