PageSpeed Insights Score

I used PageSpeed Insights from Google and the score is weird.

The score for desktop is 92 (mostly 90 or so) while for mobile it is usually not more than 40. There is a saying that Google uses 3g/4g (basically very slow internet speed) on mobile test. So the speed even with no contains will be slower than that on desktop test. Still, I might try to improve it somehow using searching results from the internet, will update.

First Contentful PaintFirst Contentful Paint
3.6 s0.7 s
Speed IndexSpeed Index
5.7 s1.3 s
Time to InteractiveTime to Interactive
11.7 s2.3 s
First Meaningful PaintFirst Meaningful Paint
3.6 s0.9 s
First CPU IdleFirst CPU Idle
10.4 s2.2 s
Max Potential First Input DelayMax Potential First Input Delay
380 ms80 ms

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. 🤨


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